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Tesla Said Stop Filming Its Cars Mowing Down Child-Sized Mannequins


Well, the automaker has initiated legal action against one such videomaker in particular…

There is a debate about whether the Tesla car’s Autopilot mode is safe or not.

a video showing a Tesla running Autopilot running over a child mannequin to “prove” the system’s failings.

this video makes for The Dawn Project founded by Dan O’Dowd, who also owns Green Hills

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Tesla car is the company of world’s richest man Elon Musk

The Tesla car is the best-selling electric car in the US

Elon Musk does not want anyone to reduce the value of Tesla Company

That’s why the Tesla company has forbidden videography by keeping the mannequins.

Again, while Tesla may have a case against O’Dowd and O’Dowd might be merely asking fair safety related questions, the situation here is, frankly, a bit of a mess. To answer the obvious question here, which is whether or not a Tesla will indiscriminately flatten children should it meet them in a roadway while its Autopilot or FSD features are active, a lot more investigation needs to take place. We’ll need more scientific endeavors than possibly biased social media clips of mannequins (or real children) being aimed at by moving Teslas. So, while it might seem like Tesla has a brewing problem here, so far, there isn’t much to go on. That could change should anything come from the separate investigation being conducted by NHTSA and any corrective actions it recommends. But for now, can we think of the poor mannequins? Oh, and while Tesla has no PR team to reach out to, we assume (based on its cease and desist letter to O’Dowd) the automaker would prefer you not try and replicate The Dawn Project’s, uh, project.

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