Back in May, the much-anticipated fourth season of Netflix hit Stranger Things finally reached our screens after being severely delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic

Fans were delighted as Eleven and the gang returned for more supernatural happenings in their hometown of Hawkins, Indiana.

Season 1, with Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Will, and Dustin being the OGs, and Sadie Sink joining as Max in Season 2.

Mike’s sister, Nancy Wheeler, her ex-boyfriend, Steve Harrington, Chief of Police Jim Hopper, and Will’s mom

In a world where TV shows are constantly making headline

while this is a decision that has been widely welcomed by fans, one of the show’s breakout stars, Millie Bobby Brown

In fact, the British actor called showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer

Millie was just 12 years old when she was cast as Eleven in Stranger Thing